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Weight Training: The Perfect Partner to Any Exercise Class

Updated: May 20, 2022

New year, new beginnings… and new classes! At the beginning of 2022, Yvonne’s Fitness added a new type of at-home-workout to its repertoire - Weight Training! Now, we’re not talking about hundreds of pounds under massive weight bars, or hand weights so big that it feels daunting just to look at them. What we’ve introduced is weight training in an online group setting with smaller, but manageable weights to increase strength and challenge the body (but don’t underestimate the power of 5-10lb hand weights). Weight training has many fantastic benefits, which we will discuss shortly - not the least of which is that it pairs perfectly with every other class is on our roster! Whether you participate in Zumba, Strong Nation or Yoga, adding weight training to your weekly regimen is sure to be the perfect complement to your current workout routine.