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Welcome to Yvonne's Fitness, Laura!

Big changes are happening here at Yvonne’s Fitness in summer of 2022, and with those changes comes a new addition to the team - Laura Desbiens! The lovely Laura will be joining us as an in-person Zumba instructor at the Lindenwoods Community Centre, as well as doing some pop-up virtual Zumba Toning classes as well. So whether you are an in-person or online participant, you will get to experience some Zumba classes, Laura-style.

Laura has been dancing in many different styles of dance since she was 12 years old. From performance to teaching to choreography, her experience in the dance world is quite impressive. For quite a few years now, Laura has been a participating student and guest instructor in Yvonne’s Fitness classes, including joining our Zumba/Yoga Retreats. When we added