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Welcome to Yvonne's Fitness, Laura!

Big changes are happening here at Yvonne’s Fitness in summer of 2022, and with those changes comes a new addition to the team - Laura Desbiens! The lovely Laura will be joining us as an in-person Zumba instructor at the Lindenwoods Community Centre, as well as doing some pop-up virtual Zumba Toning classes as well. So whether you are an in-person or online participant, you will get to experience some Zumba classes, Laura-style.

Laura has been dancing in many different styles of dance since she was 12 years old. From performance to teaching to choreography, her experience in the dance world is quite impressive. For quite a few years now, Laura has been a participating student and guest instructor in Yvonne’s Fitness classes, including joining our Zumba/Yoga Retreats. When we added “Kizomba Beauties” to the available classes offered, Laura joined on as a partner instructor for these special ladies dance evenings. Laura brings such a warm and welcoming energy to every class she teaches, and we are more than thrilled to have her taking over our in-person classes at the LWCC.


How long have you been doing Zumba?

I first got certified in March 2015, and I have been teaching ever since!

What motivated you to become a Zumba instructor?

I have always been a dancer. I grew up taking many styles of dance, so when I first was introduced to Zumba, I immediately fell in love with it. I had some teaching experience, but more so in a dance class setting and not so much in a fitness class setting .I really love that it was a new challenge to push myself to gain more confidence and experience in this area of teaching.

What do you enjoy about Zumba as a student? As an instructor?

On the occasion that I get to be a Zumba student, I enjoy the fact that everyone is there to have fun and party! It is a no-judgment zone and you can dance like no one is watching.

What I enjoy as a Zumba instructor is the pure happiness you see and feel from the students. This is that time in their day when students are taking time for themselves, and looking forward to an hour of fun. I am lucky to be able to provide that for them in some way!

What was your first Zumba experience like?

I took a Zumba class while going to the gym one day. I had heard about Zumba and I wanted to experience a class for myself. It was a lot of fun, to say the least!

If you could give one tip to a brand new Zumba student, what would it be?

Just like anything in life, a lot of practice and hard work will go a long way.

What is your favourite Zumba rhythm?

I’ve always loved SALSA!!! Although I enjoy all of them!

Laura and Yvonne team-teaching at a Zumba event.


What is your day job?

I am the Executive Accountant Assistant for K Liu Accounting Services Inc.

What are some ways you like to spend your free time?

I love to dance, so I try to take advantage of taking dance classes in the city (Winnipeg) or even registering for dance programs. I also like to spend time with my partner Jesse and our two dogs Khlow and Bruzer. We like to spend time with family and friends, go to movies and take trips!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

That is a tough one, since there are so many places I would love to go! I would love to travel to many places in Europe and Asia. I would also like to explore the East Coast of Canada.

What are some words you like to live by?

Give love and love will come back to you.

Who is one of your female role models and why?

My Mom. She’s always been a constant support system throughout my life and I would not be the person I am today without all the love and understanding she has given.💗

Tell us three fun facts about you.

  • I like to knit/crochet when I have time.

  • I love to be creative, whether it is with dance, Zumba, putting together a video, or wrapping a gift!

  • I love to drive with the windows down and blast my favourite music on a beautiful day!

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Yay Laura!!! Wonderful news

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