Five Tips for Re-Starting Your Fall Fitness Routine

At the start of every year, many people work new fitness or exercise goals into their New Year’s Resolutions. We aim to start the year off right, make a plan for ourselves, and with a bit of motivation and a lot of determination, we do our best to stick to it! Then comes summer - the season of fun. Life get’s busy with other plans as we strive to make the most out of the warmest, sunniest part of our year, and it can be easy to let our workout goals and routines fall to the wayside. As summer comes to a close and fall starts to loom, we start to think about getting ourselves back into our old exercise habits, or perhaps even starting new ones! While our intentions are always good, putting a new routine into practice (or restarting an old one) isn’t always easy. Here are our top 5 suggestions for getting back into the swing of things!

1) Include Fitness In Your Weekly Schedule

It is common for routine to go out the window during the summer months. Kids are home from school, the weather is too gorgeous to pass up opportunities for outdoor excursions, and the longer hours of beautiful sunshine mean we have more time to catch up with friends and family over a backyard BBQ or long weekend camping trip. Then September hits, and our days go back to normal: kids go back to school, and there is less time or nice weather for weekend excursions. We start to move from a high-paced summer schedule back into a more consistent, manageable fall and winter schedule.

This is the perfect time for putting regular workouts back into your daily or weekly plan. Since you’re already moving into a more scheduled mindset, the easiest way to incorporate exercise back into your life on a regular basis is to build it into your calendar. Work, school, running errands, etc. all have their place in your week - take time to review where you have some windows of free time and commit them to your workouts! Choose 2-3 days in a week, if possible, and mark them down right away. The