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What is a Zumba Community?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Community is something humans look for in every part of their lives. Family, friend circles, school/work, exercise - you name it, you probably have a sense of community there. Having a group of like-minded people to connect with is what drives us. We learn and grow from each other, we offer each other support, and we create for each other a place and space to connect and belong. By our communities, we are motivated to challenge ourselves, push our own boundaries and get the most out of our experience as human beings.

Community and Fitness

Creating a sense of community when it comes to your health and wellness is one of the greatest ways to keep yourself on track. The biggest thing it offers is accountability. We all know that feeling when we know we should get up and go to the gym or to our workout class, but the couch is just so inviting after a long day. When you have a workout companion or group of friends waiting for you, you are far more likely to get yourself dressed and out the door (or in front of the computer in our age of online classes), because you know your friends are going to ask where you were if you don’t show up!

It can also be easier to open yourself up to trying new things in your workouts when you know people in your area of exercise. If you’re at the gym, you may be intimidated by certain equipment or classes that you haven’t tried yet. When you have a sense of community within that space, you’re more likely to feel comfortable either asking for help, or learning from someone within your fitness friend-group. So many people join fitness classes like Zumba when they have a friend willing to try it with them! A little bit of support goes a long way.

This goes for online/virtual fitness too! An online fitness group is equally important - it provides all the benefits of an in-person fitness family in what is often a less motivating environment. Leaving the house is often the hardest part of doing your workout, because once you’re out the door, there’s no sense in turning back. But when you’re trying to get that workout done from home, the comfort of the couch can call even louder, or we can become distracted by all of the other things that need doing around the house. When your “fitfam” is waiting for you to log on, it’s much easier to show up - for them, and for you.

What Is So Special About the Zumba Community?

If you’ve ever been part of a Zumba community, you know there’s nothing like it. It has all the benefits of a fitness community mentioned above, but there is something about it that is above and beyond.

Everyone who joins a Zumba class for the first time is nervous, scared, perhaps uncomfortable. These are incredibly binding emotions - when you talk to someone else in the class who feels or has felt the same, there is an instant sense of camaraderie. It creates a feeling of “we are in this together, and I’m not the only one who has felt this way before!” Once you get beyond that first class, the bonds continue to grow. Participants connect over favourites songs, they chat with each other before and after class, and before you know it, you’ve made yourself a few new “Zumba Besties”. We hang out with our friends when we want to have fun, and Zumba is all about fun first (fitness, second), so it’s only natural that the people you are showing up and having fun with for a full hour at least once a week will start to feel like friends.

At Yvonne’s Fitness, our sense of community is most important to us. Our group formed strong connections long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and it became a life-line for us all when the world shut down. We kept up with our classes virtually and stayed connected via the Zoom chat function, social media and occasional video “coffee chats” after some of our Livestream classes. Not only did our community keep us together, it grew stronger! That feeling of anticipation to be back partying together in person kept us motivated and committed through one of the hardest and weirdest periods of our lives!

How Do I Join a Zumba Group?

Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of that glow people seem to have when they leave their Zumba class, and you’re wondering what that is, and how you can get it too. Let’s start with some really good news - Zumba exists in over 180 countries around the world, with more than 100,000 instructors, making it a pretty big network to tap into. So how do you find your Zumba family? The answer is simple: find a class, and show up. This is the easiest first step you can take to getting into this amazing group of people. Once you are in the door, the instructor and other participants will break the ice, and before you even realize what’s happening, you’ll have new Zumba friends. If you want to be involved, all you have to do is say “hello”.

Zumba Love from Our Zumba Loves

We could go on and on about how wonderful our participants and Zumba family are, but the best perspective we can offer is that of our students.

“I can't say enough good things about Yvonne and her classes. She is always so kind, full of energy, motivating, and she makes her students feel so welcome!”

- Natasha B. (In-person & virtual participant)

“I really love the virtual classes. I look forward to seeing both Brittany and Yvonne as they are both always smiling, happy and look like they both love what they do which makes me want to do it. I love the way Yvonne addresses everyone before the class like she is talking directly to me and the same when the class ends.”

-Cathy A. (Virtual participant)

“The supportive, accepting non judgmental atmosphere makes me want to keep coming. You come out of a class feeling strong , happy and part of an inspiring community that feels like family. Truly magical!”

-Kelly B. (In-person & virtual participant)

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